Friday, November 26, 2021


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Monday, November 15, 2021


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Wednesday, June 2, 2021


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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Traffic Exchanges

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Feeding America

Millions of children and families living in America face hunger and food insecurity every day.

  • Due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, more than 42 million people may experience food insecurity, including a potential 13 million children.
  • The pandemic has most impacted families that were already facing hunger or one paycheck away from facing hunger.
  • According to the USDA's latest Household Food Insecurity in the United States report, more than 35 million people in the United States experienced hunger in 2019. 
  • Households with children are more likely to experience food insecurity. Before the coronavirus pandemic, more than 10 million children live in food-insecure households.
  • Every community in the country is home to families who face hunger including rural and suburban communities.
  • Many households that experience food insecurity do not qualify for federal nutrition programs and need to rely on their local food banks and other hunger relief organizations for support.

In a country that wastes billions of pounds of food each year, it's almost shocking that anyone in America goes hungry. Yet every day, there are millions of children and adults who do not get the meals they need to thrive. We work to get nourishing food – from farmers, manufacturers, and retailers – to people in need. At the same time, we also seek to help the people we serve to build a path to a brighter, food-secure future.

Click Here to visit Website

Working together to end hunger

The Feeding America network is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Together with individuals, charities, businesses and government we can end hunger.

Working together to end hunger

The Feeding America network is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Together with individuals, charities, businesses and government we can end hunger.

Working together to end hunger

The Feeding America network is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Together with individuals, charities, businesses and government we can end hunger.

Working together to end hunger

The Feeding America network is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Together with individuals, charities, businesses and government we can end hunger.

Working together to end hunger

The Feeding America network is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Together with individuals, charities, businesses and government we can end hunger.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Free Credits

 On the following sites we get free credits that equals free advertising. Not all traffic exchanges will accept these sites for advertising. 

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Project I Am

Project I Am, a 501c3 non-profit organization was created by 8-year-old Jahkil Naeem Jackson. Jahkil, now 13, has a heartfelt desire to help those in need. After helping his aunt distribute food to the Chicago homeless, he knew that he wanted to do more to make a difference.

It quickly became Jahkil's mission to build awareness of homelessness and to help the homeless population by offering them what he calls "Blessing Bags," a giveaway filled with wipes, socks, deodorant, hand sanitizer, granola bars, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bottled water, and more. To learn more please visit this web site below.

Click Here to visit website

Life: What is it:


Monday, February 8, 2021

Feed More / Waste Less


With Goodr’s mission to Feed More and Waste Less, the Goodr Foundation strives to further fulfill the overall goal of ending world hunger by cultivating countless resources for nonprofit partners of Goodr. To truly disrupt the cycle of food waste, the Goodr Foundation focuses on providing our network of nonprofit partners with micro-grants for kitchen equipment and organic recycling programs. The Goodr Foundation also takes a hands on approach in the health and wellness of the communities we serve by offering the opportunity for complementary ServeSafe trainings for all nonprofit chefs along with healthy cooking demos and pop-up grocery stores in areas considered to be food deserts. The Goodr Foundation seeks to ultimately sustain a strong community of companies and nonprofit organizations working together to end world hunger for all.

Click Here to visit website

Friday, February 5, 2021


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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Good Value or Bad Value

 My family often goes shopping for different products including clothing, food and small appliances.

When is something a good value and when is it a poor value. My wife often likes to purchase things she thinks she will need in the future. Many times we use the item but as time goes on some of the things that are purchased are never used. End result, the items she has purchased that are never used are a poor value. Just because something is on sale it is not a bargain if you do not use it. It becomes a waste of hard earned money. Before you purchase something that is on sale be sure that you really need it. I can look in my garage and a spare room that we have in our home. There are many things that we have collected over the years that we do not need and the items were used very few times. My suggestion is when you are thinking about purchasing something make a list of the reasons why you need the item. Then make a list of reasons not to purchase the item. The reasons you put on either list is anything that comes to mind. Go hog wild with your reasons. When you get done count the number of reasons on each list. I give everything on the list to purchase 1 point. Every reason on the list to not purchase an item gets 2 points. If the list not to purchase has more points then we do not purchase the item. Another method is to wait for a day and see if you still need the item. If you still think you need the item, wait 2 more days. On the 3rd day if you still need the item the wait 3 more days. If you can say you still need the item then go ahead and purchase it. One caveat, be sure that you do not use credit to purchase the item. Only use cash. This way you do not incur debt. Our plan to control our money is to avoid debt

Monday, January 18, 2021

 When your credit is poor, it can be tempting to look for a quick fix. And if you pop on over to Google, you’ll find no shortage of services promising to goose your credit report, boost your score, and make you look like a better borrowing candidate (for a fee, of course).


Experts beg to differ. At best, so-called “credit repair” services will lighten your wallet to the tune of hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars, performing due diligence you can easily do yourself for free. At worst, they’ll carry out activities that are unethical or even illegal. If their tricks are discovered, those black marks will go right back on your credit report — and don’t even think about trying to get your money back.


“There are all kinds of services out there that claim to have ways to get negative information removed,” says Andrew Pizor, an attorney at the National Consumer Law Center. But the only legitimate “fixes” credit repair services can actually make — correcting errors on your report 

We offer a service that is better than credit repair. Our blog provides do it your self information or you can engage our service for a very low fee.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Little House on the Prairie

Official website of Little House on the Prairie® which serves as a home for fans of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s classic books, the beloved television show, and the beautiful culture that has developed around them. Whether you seek a simpler life, or just appreciate wholesome family values, you’ll find something here to enjoy.

Little House on the Prairie has a special place in the hearts of Americans and many others around the world. Laura Ingalls Wilder’s stories, based on her real-life experience of growing up amid the hardships of the Midwest during the late 19th century, have struck a chord with generations of readers and viewers.

Recapture the art of homemade DIYs with Little House on the Prairie. For many, Little House on the Prairie is a source of inspiration that has come to represent connection, love, courage, optimism, and joy.  For others, it provides nostalgic reminders of a simpler time when neighbors would lend a helping hand and supportive communities would work together to overcome adversity. 

Click Here to visit website  

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Ben and Erin Napier

We believe that creativity, authenticity and imagination make big progress bloom in small towns, we believe that to revitalize small-town America, we must first return to American manufacturing that takes care of the people in those communities, and we believe that if we can use our gifts as an artist and woodworker to inspire others to seek their own creative joy in life, we will have done something worthwhile. Click Here to visit their personal web page.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Kathy Buckly

Kathy Buckley is a motivational speaker and best selling author who sues comedy to help audiences understand their gifts, their peers, and their choices. A five time American comedy Awards Nominee for Best Stand Up Female Comedienne, Kathy's keynote speeches about her challenges interweave humor and story telling to help people bring more compassion to others and to themselves. To visit her website click here.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Investigative Journalism

To expose abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust by government, business, and other institutions, using the moral force of investigative journalism to spur reform through the sustained spotlighting of wrongdoing. ProPublica is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism with moral force. We dig deep into important issues, shining a light on abuses of power and betrayals of public trust — and we stick with those issues as long as it takes to hold power to account. Click Here for great Investigative journalism

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Life Happens

Life happens. But you can be prepared for any money problems that come your way, and an EveryDollar budget is the tool to get you there. Maybe you’ve budgeted before, maybe not. Listen: Life gives you enough to worry about without budgeting adding to your stress, right? That’s why EveryDollar created this Guide to Budgeting. In it, you’ll learn: How to Create a Budget How to Save for the Future How to Tackle Debt The Importance of Accountability Common Budget Myths Tips to Help You Budget Like a Pro And guess what? It’s free—really. We wouldn’t joke about that. What if life didn’t control your money—you did. It’s possible. You can slay all of your money goals. You can handle financial situations and unexpected expenses without worry. Want to know how? Download EveryDollar’s Guide to Budgeting to find out! For more details click here.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Atlas Obscura

At Atlas Obscura, the mission is to inspire wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share. We are a global community of explorers, who have together created a comprehensive database of the world’s most wondrous places and foods —21,978 of them contributed by our community so far, and more every day, from a secret apartment atop the Eiffel Tower to bridges built out of living roots, from a temple shaped like a chicken to an island ruled by cats, from a fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding to a spicy chutney made out of red ants. For more details click here.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

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Here are some part of coinbase where you will receive payment that you can withdraw to your favorite websites and banks. Many websites are not accepting cryptocurrency for payment of services and products online.

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President Trump

President Trump, either you like him or you do not. I would recommend reading the following books. They will give you an interesting insight to how a small group of people who worked with him feel about how he handles being the president of the United States.

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A Higher Loyalty - James Comey - Former Director of FBI

Fear - Bob Woodward - Includes direct interviews from President Trump

Rage - Bob Woodward - Information includes information from many interviews

The Threat - Andrew G. McCabe - Former Assistant Director and Director of the FBI. Provides information on how President Trump is a danger to the United States and it's citizens. 

These books may be borrowed from many libraries or if you wish you may click here to purchase these books from my Amazon Sales Page.