Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Traffic Exchanges

My Favorite Traffic Exchanges

Click on the banners to visit each site.

Visit often as this list will be growing!

We get lot's of exposure for our main website by surfing here.
In addition we average around 30 credits in prizes for every
site that we click. There are prizes galore as one surfs this
exchange and if you are in the top 100 surfers of the day you
are guaranteed a minimum prize of 250 credits.

This site will pay you to advertise your favorite site(s). This is
a great place to advertise your favorite website. If you want to
advertise more than two sites a one time upgrade is well worth
the money invested. If you pay for an upgrade your site(s) will
be advertised by other users when they advertise this site. There
is a traffic exchange built into this site.

Hardly a day goes by that we do not get at least 250 visitors
without surfing. As a disclaimer we do use the special URL's
to get these visitors. Be aware that some traffic exchanges
do not allow you to advertise Traffic Ad Bar and if you try to
you may be banned from that traffic exchange. Watch for TAB 
ads on sites and then go for it!

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